Day ten … by Petr

… by Petr

So today we tried to split into more teams and try to be closer to all the refugees. We were also in 6 people together with Luca and Zita. And it was also easier because maybe even half of the refugees left the night before.

So in the morning some played basketball on the playground, some played different desk games with some of us in the house. And in the afternoon we put the walking rope near to the internet barrack and we brought there all the juggling stuff and quite many people joined us and for 2 hours we had a good time.

But the situation in Fót is changing everyday. There is everyday some people coming and some people leaving and so it is hard to see, how the next day will looks like. That’s why I think is good to have always a program but be ready to improvise and change it according to current state of things (number of refugees, weather and so on, but also the refugees strengths, willingness and wish to do something…some day most of them would like to take part of it, some day the will rather spend their time differently). But there will be always someone, who would be happy for it and so there is always space to share joy with some one.