Day eleven

… by sam

On saturday I took 3 students to fot to introduce them to the place and the concept of helping and welcoming refugees. They had critical questions about integration and if it makes sense to help them. I explained that we must do what we can to make their life happier and welcome them.

At Fot the saturday team was hard at work and it looked like a big success. The happy house was full of refugees playing all kinds of games and the volunteers were amongst some of the activities, but not all. I had never seen the internet house and its surroundings so quiet. (it’s closed on saturday but the wifi is still on). Almost everyone was in or around the happy house. We didn’t get a chance to play with them though because by the time the students were done talking to the staff and seeing the place it was already time to go. The students’ impression was one of shock at first. Fot doesn’t look like what you would expect a refugee camp to look like. One staff member also told them how they don’t get enough government money and how they are in need of medicine and clothes. I still think that despite this difficult situation wherein so much needs to be done it is good to just be with them and bring them joy.