Day fourteen ~ Closer to them

….by emőke

There are less and less boys at the camp. At the moment there are around 25 and we kind of know all of them. Some of them come regularly to the ‘happy house’  and we can say that we became friends. They trust us, and they try sometimes with their very poor english to tell us their wishes and stories. It requests a lot of patience, but these are all beautiful moments. Usually in mornings we play with them board games, but we always come up with another activity, usually some handcraft. Today it was origami day. We prepared with them a jumping frog and a bird. They all enjoyed it, and even after they finished their works, some of them played with their origami animals.

Unfortunately because of the low number of the boys, and the opening time of the internet room, we shortened a little our program, still we try to keep on with the original plan and schedule. According to our experiences, it is important always to be aware of the number of the youth and according to that organise the activities.

After lunch, as usually, the lady who is doing handcrafts with the boys arrived. She was painting beautiful stones with them. The low number of the boys showed up on their attendance too, and not so many took part in this activity, but still, till the end, maybe three of four of them joined.