Day Six ~ New program :)

…by Petr

Today we were mainly preparing ourselves for a starting of new program, which we want to start tomorrow.. In the morning we played a learning game. We were in circle throwing a ball and everyone who had a ball, had to say some basic sentence in english (always one of us started, to give the example like “My name is Petr, I am from Czech”). In the afternoon we were painting and also making a big tree using the leaves and putting them on the paper.

During the day we prepared some posters to announce the new daily program. We decided to have a meeting every morning, on which we will always play a simple introduction games. Than we will have a everyday morning workshop (making of something, painting,…). After lunch we will have Tea with board and cart games and then in afternoon Sport or other activity.

We would like to make everyday poster for the next day program and everyday have a something special, which could bring joy but also some skills and knowledge.