Day three ~ Name for the house

… by emőke

As the house we work on looks better and better, we decided to start our third morning with singing and meeting the young refugees. We noticed from the first day, that they like very much music, especially singing. We brought today with us a guitar. They were asking for it, and surprisingly some of them told us, that they are willing to learn to play on the guitar. For the beginning, we sat in a circle outside, and we sang and listened how our friend was playing for us. It was a nice moment of silence and peace.

Today we were also preparing with the young people Eid Mubarak celebration. The day before, they told us what they need for their celebration, so we went to buy some of the essential things. Later on, we split in three groups, one for cleaning the house, one for playing frisbee and another for drawing. Young people joined all these teams according to their interests. The drawing team made a very impressive and colourful poster, that we plan to put on a visible place so everyone can see it. Almost all of them are very open to help and work together with us, and in this way we managed today to wash some of the front windows and doors. It is important to notice, that most of them are aware of the fact, that this house is for them and all those who will  still arrive, so sometimes they give us ideas of how to arrange or organise the space. Many of them came to us today with ideas of names for this house, and so far it seems that the new place will be called: HAPPY HOUSE.