Mentoring and integration of minor migrants

For the minor migrants without adults the Hungarian social care system is offering a special care in Fót/Budapest.

Building upon the experiences of our Roma mentoring program, JMSz started in September to develop a language and lifestyle mentoring model-program in Budapest (Fót) for minors without there families. There is a group there with changing numbers between 25-80, since many of them are going further after a few weeks.

We work here together with the structured state program and with some other organisations. In the personal reflections below you can read the stories of those volunteers who started the program in September.

For the long term integration of those who would like to ask for asylum in Hungary, JMSz will further develop the existing model of the School of Possibilities (an existing Jesuit mentoring program) assisting refugees with personal mentoring. It is foreseen as a model program easily adaptable for other organizations and places.