Day sixteen ~ The happiness of an onion

…by emőke

F., a boy from Kosovo is in the camp since the first day we arrived. His two Syrian friends left a day before, so he was quite alone in this place. The day before we already noticed his sadness and loneliness. Today a small miracle happened, and we saw him changed. They brought a girl and a boy from Kosovo, so he found new friends. The language barrier was not even a problem for him. We were pleased to see his joy and happiness. He came with his new friends to the ‘happy house’ and showed  them around. We played together and later on, we made friendship bracelets. Also there are some boys from Iraq in the camp. In the past days they seemed to be very distant, but today they all came to the house to play with us. It was a wonderful morning full of joy, and we felt, maybe for the first time, that our work is precious.

At lunch time I set at the table of the Iraqian boys. We were talking about what we like to eat when we are home. One of the boys told me he likes onion very much, and he misses eating it here. I promised him, that I will make his wish come true, but apparently he didn’t believed me.   After lunch I went to an outside shop, and bought some onions for him. When i gave him, he was very pleased and happy. It was a true happiness in his eyes. It was a precious moment, and all those who go to this place (and other similar places), should listen a lot and should try to find the smallest things that could make these children happy.