Day five ~ A shared weekend

…by emőke

It is somehow impossible not to be tired after a party.  After yesterday’s Eid Mubarak celebration, we started our new day a little later than usual. We arrived at our location in Fót around 2 o’clock, and we were surprised to find the young refugees in the HAPPY HOUSE taking part in different activities organised by another organisation. A group of young people comes every Saturday, to play board games with the youth refugees, and also to make music using different percussion instruments. Our team also joined these activities. We soon discovered, that the youth, are very open to join any kind of activity as soon as there is someone who can explain and lead patiently the session. They mostly liked playing the drums, which helped them somehow to try to listen to each-other and work as a team crossing in this way the language and cultural differences. By the time we finished the proposed activities, as a closing event most of the young boys sat in a circle, and started to dance like the day before. We knew, that their celebration came to an end, so as our first week. From Monday on, we are looking forward to start the different programs and activities together with the youth refugee boys.