Day fifteen ~ Low moments

…by emőke

It was raining, we were tired and the number of the boys is getting down. It is all you need to be discouraged, but soon you arrive in Fót, you realise that your work is precious even if it doesn’t seem so be for the moment. Many of the boys who were there when we arrived left. Those who remained lost somehow their friends, and you can visibly see their change. Now you are their closest and old friend and you try to comfort  them with your simple presence. The board games seems to work well. They like very much to play and between two steps, sometimes you have the possibility to talk to them. Each smile during this game is a success. It is more important than the actual success of the game. They have to win.
Some of the boys we can always find in the ‘study corner’. They are drawing and writing something we don’t understand. And in the end they like to stick their works on the wall. On a visible place. It is important, to give them in the future this possibility to expose their works. The whole morning we were playing and talking. After lunch we talked to some of the people that work there. It is also important to hear their opinion and listen them. We have to be aware of the fact that their work is very important.