Day eight ~ Step by step

…by emőke

We try to follow our program, so that at 9:30 we were prepared again for the morning activities. This morning we started with some games in english. As it seems quite difficult to make them sit for a longer time, we thought we could try to practice with them basic conversations in english while playing. The porpoise of these games are mainly to teach the youth boys some basic and useful english phrases they might need on their way. So we passed a ball around in a circle, we greeted each-other in all the languages we spoke, than we practiced how to introduce ourselves. Basic sentences. Name, country and a wish. Ex. : my name is…., I come from…., i would like to…. Later on we prepared a small competition for them. We wrote the words we learned earlier on small papers, mixed them, made 3 teams, and asked them to write as many sentences as they can in just 4 minutes. The competition was a success, because they managed to write between 13-15 sentences. As the education level of the boys is very different, for some this exercise was more difficult, for some quite easy. It is important always to treat everyone with patience and find somehow the balance in the activities with them. We also discovered, that they like to play board games, so in the mornings they always have the possibility to play cards, domino, darts etc.

After lunch and a little rest, the afternoon activity started. At 2 o’clock, we served the tea and at 3 o’clock we went to play football. It is important to mention, that on Wednesdays, there is someone (Mária néni) who is coming to make handmade things with the boys. Yesterday some of us went and helped there to make bracelet with them, and right after, we all went to play football, and we can say, it was definitely a lot of fun! I also enjoyed a lot playing football.