Day 7 ~ Glasspainting / Cirkus workshop

… by Petr

Today we had a first day with the fixed program and I can say that it worked well. We started the day by meeting at 9:30. But as every day we had to let the boys know, that we are open. Usually we go around and invite them to come to “happy house“ or we go around with a drum and then they come. But today I tried just to play quitar and sing in front of our house and it made the boys to come as well. Because they really like music, they like to sing, they like to dance.

Then we had a workshop of glass painting and now we have the windows filled by beautiful pictures. It was suprising how patiently and gently the boys were making them. And so all the morning there were boys painting and they were coming and leaving, but we had constantly around 30 boys drawing or playing some desk games.

After lunch we had a tea, which they like to drink a lot…strong tea with lot of sugar and game of cards, domino or dices.

Then we had Cirkus workshop, for which we were inviting also all the morning and we had there around 15 boys, who enjoyed it a lot. Every afternoon the internet barrack is open so it is always so, that there are less boys then in the morning. But when there is a good program then some come anyway. Today we made a small competition in walking on the rope. Everyone, who managed  to cross 9 m rope recieved a chocolate. And it was very difficult, but in the end three boys managed and we all had a big fun trying it. Then we also had there some jongling balls, flower sticks, diabolo, frisbee, jumping rope. So like this there was always something to do, something to learn

It work much better to make the programs in open way, that the boys can keep coming and leaving and do not destroy the program by it. Because they will be coming and leaving anyway 🙂